• Prachyanat brought Gondar or The Rhinoceros as its fourth full length production in 2003.

    • In the background of the story was Ionesco’s disgust when he saw how his friends slowly accepted totalitarianism during the German occupation of France and the play may be seen as a parable of a regimented society that lost their sense of conscience and individuality by becoming the thick-skinned animals or conformists. In the play Bérenger, an average middle-class citizen, stands alone in his choice to remain human, while the rest of the cast succumb to collectivism by transforming into the wild beasts. He quarrels with Jean, his best friend and Daisy, his pretty secretary. In the office Bérenger witnesses that the staff is gradually joining the rhinoceroses. Finally Daisy and he are the only human beings, and when Daisy too turns into rhinoceros, Bérenger decides to defend his humanity till the end.

    • Apart from the relevance of the message of the play for our time, Prachyanat was attracted to the play’s immense theatrical power. The Rhinoceros is generally thought to be a difficult play to produce, even by an accomplished company. The transformation of the characters into some strange and visibly grotesque requires a fine sense of acting and imagination on the part of the actors.

Original Play: Eugene Ionesco

Translation: Jahurul Haque

Direction: Towfikul Islam Emon

Set and Light Design: Md. Shaiful Islam

Asst. Direction and Costume Design: Towfikul Islam Emon

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