Director’s note
Beginning is so…The uzir (minister) of Putna has violated a woman. The Company Lord ordered ‘If this goes without trial, ‘I will throw down the throne’. The king fell at stake- uzir (mini) is his soul mate – how he will command 14 times whipping on him. He then gave Uzir (mini) a solution – to fix a man who will give evidence in the court that he himself is the man done that crime so he should be punished…Then … Jogodombha handed over her husband Ghontakorno to Uzir as the man for four bags of money. After that all the thieves, dacoits and outlaws start to give queue with bags of money. They were doing their work as before and the ‘trial eater officer’ was doing his work.

And Jogodombha’s happiness knows no bound as her husband learned how to earn … and the king’s in succession of endured throne.

Uzir (mini) is happy too as there is no more law suit … everywhere peace…peace…peace…

But if day’s passes so on there won’t be any more to tell. All on a sudden the king entangled for killing a goat. The Lord managed to suit him a death order by hanging. The king uttered …`nothing to worry as long as I have my monthly-salaried servant Ghontakorno – so … ‘go … go. My child … now get on the gallows.’

And then…? Cansat … Shonir Akhra … run … run … thousands of crowd behind.

The much acclaimed play by Manaj Mitra ‘Kinu Kaharer Theatre’ already has staged for many times in Bangladesh and each time was greatly taken by the audience. Plays by Manaj Mitra are always outstanding for their witty dialogues and storyline. He comically makes us facing cut through truths. As if the old state of this play is Bangladesh. The king, Lord, Uzir, Ghontakorno of this play remind us the Govt, opposition parties, judicial system and the common people again and again. Could we ever be rescued from this ghulghulaia?