Plants and human beings are tied in a universal relationship. From flower and fruit or plants and leaves to roots we take the whole of a plant as our daily needs, to recover from rare diseases, to fill hungriness sometimes. From the beginning of human civilization men depend on plants. In fact in continuity of evolution our forefathers are still swinging in the branches named after ‘shakhamrig’ or ‘branchape’. Even in this age of 21st century trees are worshiped as deity-people made vows by offering colourful thread to the branches for recovery or expecting baby and utter ‘plants have lives.’ On the contrary some are axing century old tree straightforwardly.Mandar- is an unknown-unseen village to the east of the country. Birds of variant colours build nests in its chest. Some become visible for their distinct attitude. In this place Gofran Chowdhury is calculating paddy from his paddy-field round the clock always combating with Goni Khan in himself. And the curly haired Nazimuddin – a passionate Jatra performer has turned into ‘Nawab’ by acting as Shirajuddoulah once. The name of Mandar could be ‘A Tree Saga’ or ‘A Homage to Trees’. As the Mandar trees smiling-talking-singing just like us-

Jhukur Jhuk Jhukur Jhuk

Flowers bloom in trees

Twings & tendrils swings

Dance beneath trees bumble-bees, bumble-bees.