• Prachyanat School of Acting and Design is probably the most significant contribution of this theatre troupe in building up an institutional framework towards the study of fine arts in general and theatre arts in particular. The school was established in July 2001 offering a six-month long course in acting and design principles. Interestingly, this young theatre group pioneered the idea of short course in such areas with emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects. The school has already seen sixteen batches of students who have completed their terms in the last four years.

      Mentioned in the annual publication of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the school is only second of its kind in Bangladesh to offer such course outside the framework of the university level graduation courses. The classes of the school are conducted by the teachers of various universities, eminent theatre parishioners, and alternative film makers of repute and members of the group.

    • The school is intended to bridge the gap between the strict academic rigours that a university undergraduate degree offers and a large number of interested and motivated people who want to pursue the subjects of acting and design in a more structured way. The school was also floated by the young and energetic band of theatre activists of Prachyanat who believe that good and healthy art can only be sustained if fresh blood is infused. Apart from the Theatre School, which pioneered the idea of a school offering courses in the field of theatre, Prachyanat School of Acting and Design is the only other such institutional training facility outside three general universities offering similar courses.

    • Nevertheless, Prachyanat School of Acting and Design has been able to earn distinction by incorporating in its curriculum such diverse aspects of theatre activity as history of theatre, theory and practice of acting and stage and costume design. The idea behind setting up the school was to pick up new talents for theatre who would be able to take the opportunities of this constantly changing art form. Another reason why we took up the idea was that we wanted to install professionalism in theatre, which is often heard of but seldom practiced. Prominent theatre activists, personalities, and teachers regularly take classes side by side with the experienced trainers of Prachyanat.