We are pleased to invite you to the stage play of the 16th batch of Prachyanat School of Acting and Design.

Play: Inherit the Wind
Playwrights: Jerome Lawrence, Robert E Lee
Translation: Abdar Rashid
Direction: Saiful Islam Jarnal
Assistant direction: Jaganmay Pal, Farhad Hamid

Venue: Mahila Shamity Auditorium, Baily Road, Dhaka
Date: 12, July, 2009
Time: 5:30 pm
Tickets: entrance is free!

Synopsis: Did God create the world with His bare hands in seven days? Did he create humans on the seventh day to overcome his loneliness? Or did modern man evolve steadily from monkeys? Does the “Book of Genesis” contain the key to the mystery or does “Origin of Species” show the correct line-up? The script is based on the eternal debate between science and religion on the issue of creation of the universe and Man. Bartram Keats, a school teacher in Chicago teaches Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in his class and this enrages the religious league and administration of America. He is sued for blasphemy. Henry Dramand, a renowned lawyer from Baltimore stands beside him to defend him. Henry Dramand faces Henry brady – a blind follower of the bible – in the court.

Henry Dramand wins the case and this case illustrates that the freedom to think is a human’s birth right and logic always wins. Even the mass people support logic, whether the logic belongs to science or religion is irrelevant.

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