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Prachyanat’s full length productions

Theatre in the Open

  • Aranya Sangbad (News from the Forest)
  • Jontu (The Animals)
  • Dui Boloder Golpo (Two Oxen)
  • Dorir Khela (A Game of Ropes)
  • Kandte mana (Never say Cry)
  • Bish Panchali (A Tale of Poison)
  • No Man’s Land
  • Mandar

Prachyanat for the Children

  • Drighanchu (The Magic Crow)
  • Tota Kahini (Educating the Parrot)

Theatre-lab Productions

  • Hamlet: A fragment
  • Waiting for Godot: A Dumb Show
  • Visarjan: A play by Tagore
  • Man without Shadow: Jean Paul Sartre
  • Buro Shaliker Ghare Ro: A Satire by Michael Modhusudon Dutta

Pracyanat School of Acting and design

Prachyanat Musical Ensemble

Prachyanat Research Cell

Prachyanat’s social awareness programme for Safe Motherhood and Neonatal Care

(under the auspices of Save the Children Fund)

Awards and recognitions

Financing Prachyanat

Future Plans


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