This was the first full-length play by the group and was quickly recognized as one of the major productions of the year. The yearly publication of International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1998 singled out Circus Circus as the most promising new play by a new theatre group.
The outline of the play can be told in following terms. “The Great Bengal Circus” once enjoyed widespread fame under its founder owner Laksman Das. The company is now being managed by his brother, who rebuilt the company that was ravaged during the liberation war of 1971In the course of events, the company arrives at a village to put up a show. The company is plagued by a number of problems ─ unskilled performers, strained relationship and rivalry among the members etc. As if to worsen the situation, members of a fundamentalist religious group threatens to stop the show. The hostility is growing not only outside but also from within. In such a precarious moment the fundamentalists unleashes a reign of anger and hatred. “The Great Bengal Circus” is totally gutted in the fire along with its three players and all its animalsScript and Direction: Azad Abul KalamAsst. Direction and Costume Design: Towfikul Islam Emon

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