A scene from Koinna - a popular play by Prachyanat
Photo courtesy: Mumit Mahboob

    • Koinna or The Maiden was the third play produced by the group. Scripted by Murad Khan and directed by Azad Abul Kalam, the play saw huge success that was accorded to a new play in theatre recently. Based on a local myth of north-western part of Bangladesh, the play traces the mystery and imaginative creation that operates at the subconscious level of men. The play is not an exploration of the distinction between good and evil but rather a probing into the vary nature of man.

    • The play tells the story of some people of a remote village in Sylhet district. The people believe that they live under the spiritual protection of one “Koinnapir” who is still believed to inhabit the mossy-green water of a local pond as a fish, accessible only to Nior, the respected head and descendent of the house. Nior’s ways of practicing his belief is challenged by Sahebzada, leader of a more orthodox section of the community. Nior is finally able to evade the conflict by an apparent act of self-annihilation which is also seen as his spiritual and moral victory.

    • However, the play is not simply a man’s spiritual history, rather the play is a powerful evocation of the life a community who apparently exist at the periphery of a technological society but whose life and belief system shows us that life’s truths are manifold and sometimes the truth may elude rationality.

    • The play has been seen by many of the theatre reviewers and critics as a powerful use of myth translated into a modern image.

Script: Murad Khan

Direction: Azad Abul Kalam

Set and Light Design: Md. Shaiful Islam

Asst. Direction and Costume Design: Towfikul Islam Emon

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